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Tony Hoda grew up in Tirana, Albania. From a young age, he always had a passion for cooking. At the tender age of ten, he had already gained experience working at his father's restaurant. His father always preferred to be on the operation side, but Tony always preferred the kitchen. At one point, he even attended a few culinary schools, only to realize that the trade is better learned through experince.

It’s not about cooking one great dish one time, It’s about cooking 100 great dishes at the same time.

A motto he strongly adheres to.

At the age of sixteen, Hoda decided he wanted to travel to America to pursue the dream of opening his own place. Working in restaurants in Chicago, Philadelphia, and various shore points in New Jersey, he gained even more knowledge and experience in the art, until finally landing in Ventnor, NJ.

La Padella gives Hoda the opportunity to do things his way.

Only the freshest and highest quality ingredients are used and each dish is carefully plated to ensure it is perfect, because seeing the initial satisfaction on the customer's face is exactly why i love doing this.

Tony Hoda.Chef, LA Padella


La Padella Ristorante
7309 Ventnor Ave,
Ventnor City,
NJ 08406


Monday,Tuesday - Closed
Wed - Sun
500 pm - 930 pm
BYOB & Cash Only